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  • Xinxiang Jinnuo Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd mainly produces single children single electric bungee, bungee jumping, double four electric electric bungee, bungee jumping, physical pleasure island paradise, the battery charging bumper car, bumper car, 【澳门美高梅官方网站】Inflatable Castle, support mobile pool, water amusement park! Professional design and manufacture, distribution of recreational facilities. It has excellent professional and technical talents, and has a strong ability to develop. We have years of experience in toy production, also absorbed some of Europe and the United States toy beautiful modelling, Jinnuo recreation equipment design and development, beautiful and practical, by the new and old customers, is an excellent recreation equipment suitable for Chinese conditions, obtained favorable comments from outside the industry.The company receives the sincere service customer's purpose, the high quality service, the rich construction experience and the quick proced......More>>
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